Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Tribute to Fathers

     Fathers, I am saddened on this Father’s Day because
all week the news media has been broadcasting how much
more money is spent for mothers on Mother’s Day than
the money spent for fathers on Father’s Day.
     In fact, when I reflect upon the careless remarks and
writings of women, advertisers, pastors, mothers, teachers,
and politicians as they downplay the importance of fathers.
I am embarrassed .....even ashamed.
     However, fathers, don’t let the world’s monetary view
of fatherhood nor let the world’s thoughtless words regarding
dads wrongly mold you.....because your individual worth as
a father is incalculable in the eyes of YOUR heavenly Father!
     And He needs you.....yes, God needs you, Dad.  For
each child who now lives under the roof of your house has
been placed there by God, Himself, for many complex reasons
which are beyond your comprehension.
     But your calling as a “father” is not to “understand” God’s
     However, your duty, your responsibility, and your calling as
a father is to protect, provide, instruct, nurture, and as much as
possible, to directly lead in the raising of each precious child
to love, honor and to walk in the ways of God.
     And throughout your life as you go about trying to fulfill God’s
calling for you as a father, lean dependently upon your own
heavenly Father.  In so doing you will personally experience
the unsearchable love of God which in turn will enable you to pass
His lessons on down to your own children.
     Yes, Dad, in many ways your worth as an individual and your
worth as a father is incalculable in the eyes of God.
     And the love of a child towards you and towards a
gift beyond price!                                     
                                                                     M. Robbins