Thursday, March 16, 2017

Jesus, the heavenly Lover, gave

      Jesus, the heavenly Lover, gave
      His life my wretched soul to save:
      Resolv'd to make his mercy known,
      He kindly claims me for his own.

      Rebellious, I against him strove,
      Till melted and constrain'd by love;
      With sin and self I freely part,
      The heavenly Bridegroom wins my heart.

      My guilt, my wretchedness he knows,
      Yet takes and owns me for his spouse:
      My debts he pays, and sets me free,
      And makes his riches o'er to me.

      My filthy rags are laid aside,
      He clothes me as becomes his bride;
      Himself bestows my wedding-dress,—
      The robe of perfect righteousness.

      Lost in astonishment, I see,
      Jesus! thy boundless love to me:
      With angels I thy grace adore,
      And long to love and praise thee more.

      Since thou wilt take me for thy bride,
      O Saviour, keep me near thy side!
      I fain would give thee all my heart,
      Nor ever from my Lord depart.

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