Friday, March 17, 2017

How long, O Lord, our Savior

           How long, O Lord, our Savior,
           Wilt Thou remain away?
           The careless world is mocking
           At Thy so long delay.
           Oh, when shall come the moment,
           When, brighter far than morn,
           The sunshine of Thy glory
           Shall on Thy people dawn?

           How long, O gracious Master,
           Wilt Thou Thy household leave?
           So long Thou now hast tarried,
           Few Thy return believe:
           Immersed in sloth and folly,
           Thy servants, Lord, we see;
           And few of us stand ready
           With joy to welcome Thee.

           How long, O Heav’nly Bridegroom!
           How long wilt Thou delay?
           And yet how few are grieving
           That Thou dost absent stay:          
           Thy very Bride her portion
           And calling hath forgot,
           And seeks for ease and glory
           Where Thou, her Lord, art not.

           Oh, wake the slumb’ring virgins,
           To heed the solemn cry;
           Let all Thy saints repeat it-
           “The Bridegroom draweth nigh!”
           May all our lamps be burning,
           Our loins well girded be;
           Each longing heart preparing
           With joy Thy face to see.
                                                   James George Deck

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