Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christ is truly and essentially Jehovah

The LORD is thy keeper: the LORD is thy shade 
upon thy right hand.     Ps 121:5

Two principal points are asserted in these previous words.
1. Jehovah, and Jehovah alone, the omnipotent and self-existent
God, is the Keeper, and Preserver of his people. 2. The people
of God are kept, at all times and in all circumstances, by his mighty
power unto everlasting salvation; they are preserved even “for
evermore.”  In the first particular, the divinity of the great Keeper
is declared; and, in the second, the eternal security of his people
through his omnipotence and faithfulness.  This was the Psalmist’s
gospel.  He preached it to others, and he felt it himself.  He did not
speculate upon what he did not understand; but he had a clear
evidence, and a sweet perception, of these two glorious doctrines,
which he delivered to the people.......This character, under the name
of Jehovah, is the character of Christ.  Just such a one is Jesus, the
Shepherd of Israel.  He says of himself to the Father,  “Those that thou
gavest me I have kept, and none of them is lost, but the Son of Perdition,
that the Scripture might be fulfilled.”.....From what has been premised, it
seems evident, that the keeper of the faithful is no other than Jehovah. 
This the Psalmist has proved.  It appears equally evident that Christ is
their Keeper and Preserver.  This he hath declared himself; and his apostles
have repeatedly declared it of him.  It follows, therefore, that Christ is truly
and essentially Jehovah.  All the sophistry in the world cannot elude this
conclusion; nor all the heretics in the world destroy the premises.  And, if
Christ be Jehovah, he is all that supreme, eternal, omnipotent being,
which Arians, Socinians, and others deny him to be.
                                                                      Ambrose Serle, 1815

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