Monday, October 21, 2013

Driven to the Throne of Grace

Often God's children are driven to the throne of grace by some desperate
need of help and definite supply of an absolute want, and, as they cry
to God and plead their case with tears before him, he so manifests his presence
to them and so fills them with a consciousness of his love and power, that the
burden is gone and without the want being supplied that drove them to God,
they rejoice in God himself and care not for the deprivation.  This was Paul's
experience when he went thus to God about the thorn, and came away without
the specific relief he had prayed for, but with such a blessing as a result of his
drawing near to God, that he little cared whether the thorn remained or not—or,
rather, rejoiced that it was not removed; that it might be used to keep him near
to God, whose love so filled his soul.
                                                                            D. W. Whittle

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